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Are you in need of individual responses from focused crowds? With Orlando Market Research we have you totally covered for genuine and definite statistical surveying administrations to take your business to the ultimate top level. Our industry clients include technology, aviation and aerospace, biotechnology, manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution. The aviation and aerospace industry has had a foothold in the Orlando area for decades.

We are productive with our work: drawing you nearer to your clients, quicker.

And extremely competitive: giving snappy, ground-breaking bits of knowledge which can put your products on the market forefront.

We are continually assembling, investigating and deciphering data to help address advertising difficulties for you. We use the latest technologies and techniques to understand the Central Florida market. As one of the fastest growing areas in the country, Orlando has a dynamic economy and is home to niche industries that go beyond the region’s traditional strengths in tourism and hospitality.

By sourcing your market research needs to an economic analyst like us, who uses unique and innovative strategies to gather significant data, we can assist you with understanding the necessities of your intended interest group and which key messages are working and which are not. Businesses should consistently be researching the business atmosphere, clients and their necessities and inclinations. The business atmosphere is continually changing, so it's essential to ensure you are investigating it and comprehend what components are changing.

We gather subjective information, quantitative information, or a combination of both, and unite them to reach conclusions and create solutions. Here’s how we do it:

  • We define the research problem and objectives: Market research starts with finding the issue to be addressed or the inquiry to be replied to. Normally, there are a few elective methodologies that can be utilized to lead this research.
  • We build up the general research plan: The assignment of this stage is to decide the strongest approach to gather the essential data.
  • Following that, we gather the information or data: At this point, we need to consider how we will acquire the data (which means, how members will be reached whether it's through studies, calls, one-on-one meetings, and so forth)
  • Then, we analyze the information/data: Collecting volumes of data can be overwhelming. At this stage, we begin to coordinate the information and remove what isn't required.
  • This leads to introducing the discoveries: From knowing your crowd to understanding what discoveries are noteworthy, we need to comprehend which findings are to be focused on.
  • Then, we use those discoveries to help you settle on the best choice: Without our help and guidance, some may not utilize the discoveries precisely, fittingly, or totally.

We have unique strategies to get competent information. We promise success and genuineness, preparing you to discover significant bits of knowledge to deliver a limitless possibility of solutions.

We Are Experienced

Gathering bona fide information has enabled us to enable you to have the entire world in your grasp. Given the ever widening scope of Orlando, and its opportunities, we cover every inch of Orlando that calls for opportunity. Be it the advanced manufacturing industry, aviation industry, aerospace industry, innovative technology industry, simulation industry, optics and photonics industry, automotive industry, life science and healthcare industry, medical technology industry, pharma industry, or the entertainment industry.

All the exploration done by us as market researchers provides insights into the market and future opportunities (examples are details regarding shopping patterns and shopper socioeconomics, inclinations, needs, and purchasing propensities). Our profoundly valid and experienced analysts clarify and interpret the research in a way that works for the client — at conferences, in private briefings, through comment pieces, and articles.

For you to get the most profound of experiences our facilities offer an intereviewing room, giving you direct contact with the individual. We can also coordinate discussions intervened by phone, and video conferencing.

Interviewing will empower you to extra sources of data: non-verbal communication, outward appearances, and non-verbal prompts which can uncover more about interviewees' opinions than they'd concede. It will likewise be giving you a completely present member who is naturally going to give you the truest experiences.

Furthermore, we also equip you with a CLT test facility that has a specific, controlled environment to help you carry out accurate tests and gain reliable results. Since the environment is controlled, researchers can eliminate bias. Researchers can obtain candid “raw” feedback based not just on what participants’ say, but also by what they do not say, and what their body language conveys.

We provide a range of spacious, comfortable and creative spaces to host your focus groups, workshops, training sessions and meetings. Facilities include a fully functional kitchen to carry out food and beverage testing. The Orlando test facility is 10,688 SF and features customizable spaces which can accommodate 12 to 40 respondents. Many of the rooms are multi-purpose and can be configured to simulate various retail environments. Each room is environmentally controlled to provide the optimal environment for sensory testing.

We are well equipped to cover any catering, dairy, meat and fish or retail industry products testing with our Amerikooler Walk-in Cooler & Walk-in Freezer; providing fantastic access and ample storage space. We believe that a workspace must be able to adapt to the needs of each project and client to give the ideal results.

With the broadest scope of expert instruments and driving forces, we contribute enthusiasm and guarantee achievement. Our obligation to give the broadest scope of precise and cutting-edge collected data, we continue to purge and upgrade our practices and never bargain on our quality and precision. We guarantee results and make our customers push ahead quicker. We’re here for you every step of the way and won’t leave you on your own till you’re at the very top of your potential.


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